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Spiritual Life Coaching 

Spiritual Life Coaching gets a bad rap!  Often confused with either religious "cultism" or New Age Hippy Dippy-ness.


Spiritual Life Coaching takes you on a deeper dive into who and what you are.  Energy, pure and simple.  With the power to attract anything you want in your life.

Many people have read "The Secret", without realising that The Secret isn't the definitive book on manifestation.  Whilst I believe The Secret is a great book, it doesn't tell the story of what we can achieve.  Spiritual Life Coaching explores that, and more.

Spiritual Life Coaching teaches you about your Chakras - the energetic wheels in your body which, if blocked or stagnant, can hamper your ability to create - whether the creation is physical life, financial freedom or career fulfilment.   Understanding Chakra Balancing gives you the ability to align your Chakras when they need to be aligned.  Spiritual Life Coaching also teaches you the necessity to Heal Your Inner Child.  Again, this is not a New Agey premise - Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung taught about the Inner Child in Psychotherapy.  Pain, Shame &Trauma experienced in early childhood may play a vital part in our reaction to life today.

We look at beliefs developed from childhood, and how they factor into our lives today - even to the detriment of our intimate or work relationships.   Spiritual Life Coaching helps you heal from past trauma to empower you to a greater future, opening up your power of intuition and manifestation.

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