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It could be a letter like the one in the picture, or a simple couple of lines telling you that they came across your pic and think you're gorgeous/like your smile/felt a connection - any number of things.

And so it begins.

You've been feeling isolated, unloved, and lonely recently.  For whatever reason, life has been raining heavily on you and here, unexpectedly, as if in answer to your prayers, comes a rainbow.  

At first, you doubt this person is real.  Past insecurities and self-esteem issues come up.  Why would they be interested in you?  What are they after?  You're not stupid, you know how these things work, so you're cautious and wary.  No match, though for someone desperate and cruel enough to forget their own humanity.

Poverty isn't a prerequisite for scamming.  Cruelty is.

My role, at Empower You, is to do just that.  To empower you to get your lie back on track.  If you feel you have been the victim of a Romance Scammer, or know someone who you think is being scammed, contact me immediately.    We can arrange a confidential Zoom call and together we will create a new future for you which includes taking positive steps to find closure from that situation and heal the emotional trigger that opened the door to the scammer.