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Relationship Rescue

Relationship Rescue Programme

Is your relationship going through a bad patch?

Are you wondering if your relationship can survive?

Do you feel your relationship could be on the rocks?

But you know, deep down, this relationship is worth saving.

My heart goes out to you.

Life can throw up enormous challenges to every one of us and these challenges put pressure on even the strongest relationships widening cracks you may not have been aware of. This in turn leads to arguments and feeling distant from one another.

Are you making these mistakes in your relationship?

In my extensive experience as a Relationship Coach, there are three common mistakes that couples make that can destroy their relationship:

1. Keeping unresolved issues unresolved

Do you notice that either you or your partner mention issues and situations from the past in present day arguments? Does this keep happening? Then that issue from the past is unresolved and without agreement to forgive the past, unresolved issues will continue to de-stablise your relationship.

2. Having different relationship expectations

Each of us has our own idea of how a relationship should be, and sometimes these expectations differ greatly. Working out what is best for the relationship by negotiating a win-win is often a turning point in a relationship as both parties feel respected and heard.

3. Fear of rejection

We come into relationships believing our partner will meet our needs and when they fail to do so it can be like a slap in the face and often gets interpreted as "You don't love me any more". Understanding why it's healthy to have and maintain personal boundaries will strengthen your relationship.

How Relationship Rescue works

The programme is tailored specifically to each couple – this is not a cookie cutter solution but a solution for your exact circumstances.

We start with an open and frank discussion to allow me to gain some insight into the issues you are facing and enable me to tailor the rest of the programme to you specifically.

Over the course of this 6-week programme you will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision of the kind of happy relationship you’d both like to have.
  • Gain a greater understanding of the issues affecting your relationship.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your relationship success.
  • Learn more effective ways to communicate with each other leading to more openness, transparency and trust.
  • Discover each other’s love language and how to make your partner feel loved and appreciated.
  • Rekindle desire by clearing and healing the emotional and mental blocks to intimacy and closeness and by dealing honestly and openly with the effects of any past behaviour.
  • Recognise trigger points and behaviours that create discord in the relationship and how to manage them.
  • Learn how to fight less and connect more.
  • Find a solution where both your needs are met within the relationship in a healthy and honest way.
  • Rediscover your relationship and why you fell in love originally.

You will create a new way of relating to and loving each other. You will also be equipped with tools and strategies to help you in the future to navigate any unforeseen stresses on the relationship.

The only requirements to undertake this programme are a desire to make your relationship work, commitment to undertaking the exercises and consistency from you both.

You do need to both want to save the relationship for it to work.

If saving your relationship is important to you both, then Relationship Rescue is guaranteed to successfully repair that relationship.

Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of and re-connection with your partner?

Call me today on 0208 938 4708 or 07957 289555 for your *FREE* 30 minute Save Your Relationship Now coaching session

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